About Us


Pie Flutin’ Pastries is a mother-daughter baking team. My mom, Gayle, and I both take comfort in baking. We treasure the look people get when they receive a homemade pecan pie or how a child’s face just lights up when they bite into a warm buttermilk tart. It brings so much happiness to our hearts!

Baking is definitely one of the ways we express love in our family.  Over the years, preparing food in the kitchen has become a time of fellowship and togetherness for us.  So many of our favorite memories come from moments where we were standing over a mixing bowl whisking up a cake batter or preparing a pie filling. The majority of our recipes are family hand-me-downs from Nana’s kitchen, or maybe Grandma Fern’s, or even Ethel, a kind soul who lived just down the street from Nana and always welcomed us into her kitchen for a warm slice of pie.

Our passion for pie extends to a passion for ingredients and the way in which our pies are made.  We believe that local, natural, and real ingredients are the key; therefore our filling menu will necessarily reflect the seasonal nature of available fresh fruits and ingredients. Our desire is to serve you the absolute best. If you have a favorite pie that you just don’t see on our menu, ask us about it. I bet we can create it, or something close to it.

Thank you for stopping by Pie Flutin’. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.